How do I detach/attach the Walker seat cover?

Modified on: Thu, 20 Feb, 2020 at 3:11 PM

  1. Detach the red seat strap from the two “keyrings” below the seat. By using a small screwdriver, you can gently pry the keyring open.
  2. Release the 9 push buttons of the seat cover (on downside of seat).
  3. Pull the red seat strap out of the two holes, and make sure the rubber handle stays in place on the strap.
  4. To attach the seat cover, wrap it around the seat mesh with the logo positioned at the front (seen in traveling direction).
  5. Attach the 9 push buttons on the downside of the seat.
  6. By using a small screwdriver, you can push the ends of the red seat strap through the two holes in the seat.
  7. Attach the ends of the seat strap to the two keyrings.

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