What are the benefits of rollators?

Modified on: Thu, 20 Feb, 2020 at 3:12 PM

When you are looking for the best mobility aid for you needs there are a few things to consider. All products are useful in some capacity, but he following list provides benefits of why to buy a Rollator:

  1. They function well outdoors
    A misconception with walking mobility aids is that they all behave the same outdoors. This is not the case. Rollators will function better than a walking frame, but some Rollators have too small wheels and can therefore be hazardous on uneven ground. You need to consider where you plan to go with your walking aid and choose one with appropriate wheel dimensions.
  2.  You can sit on them
    Most people considering rollators don’t contemplate that they can be used to sit on for both comfort and stability. They are useful in public venues, such as shopping centres, allowing the user to take a respite from shopping and rest their feet.
  3. They are height adjustable
    Rollators are height adjustable. This means that the user can adjust the item to match their comfort and stability needs. Whether that person is short, tall or somewhere in between, the rollator can be calibrated to the necessary proportions and unique needs of its user.
  4. They are useful when exercising
    A person with a mobility disability is often under circumstances where they can’t exercise and remain active. Rollators allow their users to exercise independently and with confidence, due to the added support.
  5. They are easily transportable
    Mobility aids are used by people who need assistance, occasionally to frequently, in remaining mobile. Whatever the case may be, it is always good to have a transportable one on-hand for whatever situation arises.
  6. Give you great confidence
    A rollator usually gives the user a more confident walk. Not only because you feel more confident, but the appearance differs from what you would expect from a normal rollator. 

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