What is the best way to fly with a Rollator?

Modified on: Thu, 18 Feb, 2021 at 6:16 PM

When flying with a Veloped or Walker, do as follows: 

Don’t pack the Veloped/Walker. Instead, walk with it to the check-in counter. When checking in, tell the staff that you would like to bring your "rollator" into the airport (important that you say “rollator” or “mobility aid”). They put a baggage tag on it, and you bring it through the security control.

Right before you board the aircraft, put the Veloped/Walker to the side, and the staff will load it into the aircraft's luggage compartment. Before you put it aside, fold the frame and lower the handgrips to the bottom position. It may also be a good idea to secure packing material, such as bubble wrap, onto the frame as your mobility aid's handling may vary from airport to airport.

If you do as described, you can bring your full baggage allowance (20-25 kg), as the Veloped/Walker is regarded as a mobility aid, and the weight of it is not included in your luggage. If you pack it and check it in, it will be seen as luggage (about 15-17 kg incl. carton/packaging), limiting the amount of normal luggage you can bring.

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