Problems paying with Card in the checkout?

Modified on: Thu, 13 Jan, 2022 at 8:58 AM

The card has been declined for an unknown reason. The customer should contact their bank for more information.

Some banks and card companies often block larger card payments to foreign countries by default. This is most probably the reason why your card payment didn't go through.

Please contact your bank (if debit card) or your card company (if credit card) and ask them to manually approve your purchase. If they cannot perform this, ask them to accept your upcoming purchase and then place a new order in our webshop. 

One example of why the card might be declined is it suddenly is used in a new setting. Sometimes a using the card in a foreign country might trigger a block. or for example, a high-value transaction made at 3 a.m. from a foreign-based merchant without any extra authentication, may trigger a few too many risk checks on the issuer side. Call or contact your bank and let them know about the transaction — especially when this transaction is happening outside of the country that the customer’s bank is located in.

Another option is to choose the Paypal payment option in the checkout and then pay with a card without using a PayPal account. (The option is available even if Paypal tries to hide it)

You can also pick the Klarna - Pay later. Which is a card payment service. Klarna will collect the card details separately.

We’re really sorry about all this, but the problem is caused by banks and card companies. 

If you aren't able to solve the issue please choose Prepayment as an option then we will help you transfer funds manually with an international bank transfer at your local bank. 

Click here if you want more detailed inforamtion.

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