What is a Veloped?

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The Veloped is an ingenious Swedish invention, best described as a “walking tricycle.” It offers walking support, and you can head for the golf course, walking paths, hiking trails, your garden, or the city streets.

The Veloped is tested and approved according to the international standard ISO-11199-2:2005, for a maximum user weight of 150 kg.

The Veloped is far superior to a rollator when it comes to walking outdoors. Instead of the “bone-shaking” and unpleasant ride of a rollator, the Veloped offers unbeatable comfort. You are no longer limited to walking on smooth and even streets only. The Veloped rides with ease and comfort on grass, gravel, cobbles, rock, snow, and sand.

A Veloped is a 3-wheeler, but in fact, it has 4 wheels. Confusing? Let us explain.

The Veloped has a triangular frame with two rear wheels and a 2-wheel suspension system at the front. The two front wheels are connected by a link arm that can rotate around its center axle. Since the two front wheels are slightly overlapping, the Veloped can climb over obstacles, and it also provides suspension on uneven ground.

Since the Veloped, in effect, is a “3-wheeler”, it will always ride with full ground contact. Surely you have experienced what a nightmare a shopping cart is to push once you get out to the parking lot. The swivel wheels lift from the ground, they start spinning, and the cart heads off in every direction except the one you want it to go. Enter a “3-wheel” design, and suddenly, the problem is solved!

A Veloped has nothing but air-filled tires. Period.

With its climbing wheel, suspension, 3-wheel design, and air-filled tires, the Veloped will bring you wherever you would like to go. It’s a pleasure to drive, and the comfort is unbeatable.,

The comfort benefits of a Veloped are obvious when comparing it with the harsh ride of a rollator, but to prove the point: Would you consider driving a car with solid tires and no suspension?

Veloped, -s ;

[Latin velox, velo-  =  fast; see velocity  +  Latin pes, ped-  =  foot; see -ped.]

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