What is the best Basic Rollator Technique?

1. Before you start
First step is to adjust the height of your Trionic Walker. Let your arms hang freely – adjust the gripbar so that the rubber grips are set at wrist height. Adjust the front wheel according to your choice of walking terrain. For Trionic Walking in city areas or amongst a lot of people, the climbing/easy steering-mode is the better choice. If you are heading for uneven roads or off-road, the climbing/suspension-mode is the better choice. Always remember to push the seat forward for maximum walking space.

2. Exercising
Walking close to, more or less within, your Trionic Walker keeps your back straight. Try to relax and trust the off-road abilities of your Walker and lift your eyes from the ground. Now you have a much better walking posture, and you can also better enjoy the beautiful scenery. By varying your hand position on the gripbar during your walking session, you avoid static load. Brake slightly while descending in order to prevent the Trionic Walker from rolling away from you.

3. Walking pace
Practice Trionic Walking for periods between 15 minutes and 2 hours at a time. Keep a brisk walking pace and remember that your intensity and heart rate should allow you to hold a conversation. If you loose your breath you are walking to fast, and you should slow down for the best fat burning and fitness effect. Always take a break and sit down to rest if you suddenly feel increasingly tired.

Remember to check the tires for correct air pressure every 3-4 weeks. The recommended air pressure is 1.5 – 2.0 bar, but if you do a lot of off-road walking consider lower pressure for increased comfort.

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