What are the Veloped Advantages?

Made for walking
Through its unique design, the Veloped promotes activity and quality of life. It’s designed with a great focus on walking. A patented climbing wheel, 3-wheel design, and air-filled tires work in unison for a totally new walking experience. It climbs curbs and other obstacles with ease and turns cobbles, gravel, grass, snow, and off-road trails into pure pleasure instead of a bumpy and unpleasant venture. When walking outdoors the Veloped beats a rollator – hands down.

Re-inventing the wheel
The Veloped is equipped with a climbing wheel that greatly increases the ability to overcome different kinds of obstacles. By spreading the load over two wheels, slightly displaced lengthwise, the climbing sequence is divided into two steps. The climbing capacity is improved even more through an angled link arm that uses the pushing force provided by the user.

This gives the climbing wheel a unique feature, the capacity to climb an obstacle 4 times higher than the maximum for a single wheel of the same diameter. Furthermore, matching the single wheel’s maximum climbing capacity only requires 10 % of the force. The moving link arm also provides a suspension. On the uneven ground, it constantly pivots and suspends the ride. The suspension turns the outdoor walk into pure pleasure.

Terrain or city use
The climbing wheel can be dually adjusted according to the environment and terrain. For easy turning and maneuvering, the city-mode is the best option, whereby the front wheel is lifted with retained climbing capacity. In the terrain-mode, the wheel provides suspension, climbing capacity, and increased direction stability which is perfect for the hike or workout.

3-wheel design
Walker’s 3-wheel design results in permanent ground contact on any uneven surface. The “shopping cart-syndrome”, with rising and spinning wheels, is effectively avoided. The advantages are apparent on cobbles, gravel, grass, snow, and in any outdoor environment.

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