What is Trionic Walking?

Walking works wonders

Walking is such an ordinary activity that most people take it for granted. But in fact it‘s an excellent natural exercise that can help you stay healthy and live longer, control your weight, keep happy, enjoy time with friends and family, learn more about your local or holiday destination area and even look after the environment.

Walking for a total of 30 minutes a day meets the minimum recommendations for physical activity. This doesn‘t have to be done in one walk, it can also be split into two or three shorter walks.

Two things at once

Another great thing about walking is that it lets you do two things at once. While you‘re getting healthy exercise you can; spend time walking and talking with your friends and training companions, challenge your partner for a game of golf or explore your surroundings.

Talking while walking actually helps you exercise at the right intensity. For the best fitness and fat-burning effect you should keep a brisk pace but still be able to hold a conversation. So apart from being good company, your friend is also your very own pulse-meter.

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