What is the Trionic Design philosophy?

How it all started
The veloped has been developed at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. 25 year’s experience from bike racing and bicycle design, innovative engineering, ergonomic studies and user tests were put into practise during the development.

The veloped concept was awarded as winner of “Aluminium Design 2004″, an annual design award promoted by the Swedish aluminium industry. The veloped has also been awarded for innovation, as winner of Coup de Cœr of “AUTONOMIC’Innov 2008″ in France.

Our beliefs
As the two inventors of the veloped we share a past in athletics; Stefan bicycle racing and Johan playing ice hockey. Our early prospects in sport, being “young and talented”, have nowadays been reduced to a mere “and”. Like so many others, we have experienced what the effect of time, work, responsibilities and inactivity can do to the once limitless energy of our younger days.

Still, we believe very strongly in all the positive effects of physical exercise. It’s fun. You make great and lifelong friends. Food never tastes better than after doing some exercise. You get positive energy and feel a whole lot better.

By coincidence, we both have Finnish parents. The Finnish posses a unique quality; sisu. There is no exact translation of sisu, but it means; a will to fight, a very stubborn determination and endurance, sometimes anger, and very importantly: never ever giving in.

Hoping that there would still be some sisu in our thinned-out Finnish blood, we started to develop a completely new kind of product for the perfect exercise – walking. A product that would enable physical activities that are forgiving but still great fun. A new way to exercise for more or less everyone – regardless of age or physical ability. A smart and cool product that would help us all stay healthy and fit when we get older.

And we put in tremendous amounts of work. Believing in you, and believing in sisu.

Re-inventing the wheel
People usually say: -“Don’t re-invent the wheel” when they want a quick and easy solution to a problem. But we through the advice out the window and did just that.

When developing the climbing wheel and the veloped, we didn’t seek the easy way. We rather turn everything upside down than put it in the expected order. Out of chaos comes….. new ideas and new solutions. This is the reason why we left the rollator with all its limitations behind us and instead focused on coming up with a brand new product.

This approach to product development is the backbone of our work.

Johan is the author of this solution article.

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