The front right Walker wheel has started to wobble and turn sideways?

When you turn with your Walker, the left and right front wheels must be able to turn differently. If you turn left, the left wheel will turn more, as its turning radius is smaller than the outside right wheel.

Just like a car, the Walker has a “stub axle steering”, which is provided by the big black center pulley of the syncro steering, and this pulley moves back and forth when you are steering.

The two front wheels cannot be dead parallel at all times, as you then wouldn’t be able to steer the Walker properly.

When the Walker is folded the syncro belt is slackened, and you have most certainly, unintentionally, managed to get one of the front wheels turned one full turn in relation to the other front wheel.

When unfolding the Walker, please always do as follows;

  1. Grab the handles and unfold the frame as far as possible.
  2. Grab the right handle and lift the right front and rear wheels off the ground a little.
  3. While holding them lifted, press down on the left rear corner of the seat to lock the Walker in walking mode (with your left hand).

If done as of above, the unfolding is easier as the right wheels do not slide along the ground (increased friction), and the right front wheel is free to turn into its aligned position.

Please fold and then unfold your Walker as described above, and the problem will disappear.

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