Which Veloped / Rollator would you recommend for longer walks on uneven or sandy ground, e.g. on the beach?

To recommend a model and a wheel size depends on how tall you are and which features you find more important.

Differences between Veloped-Walker;

Our Veloped is the only walker/rollator on the market that is truly off-road capable. The Veloped has a 3-wheeled design just like the modern baby joggers (all-terrain strollers), all 3-wheeled. The Veloped offers excellent driving characteristics on uneven surfaces. In addition, the Veloped has a climbing bike so that you can easily overcome curbs and other obstacles.

Since the seat of the Veloped can be pushed forward, the Veloped offers more space when walking, which gives you a more upright posture when walking.

But, to offer the required stability as a 3-wheeler, the Veloped has to be wider and longer compared to a conventional 4-wheeled rollator. So the Veloped is bigger.

The Walker is a conventional 4-wheeler, and compared to the Veloped, it is narrower and shorter and can be folded up more compactly. However, the Walker 12er and Walker 14er have, compared to conventional rollators, pneumatic tires, and significantly larger wheels to offer better comfort and better driving characteristics.

But the Walker is not all-terrain like the Veloped. On uneven ground, one of the four wheels sooner or later loses contact with the ground, and the rollator comes to a stop or begins to tip over. To be off-road, you need a 3-wheeler with three support points.

So it depends on which traits you find the most important ones. If the cross-country mobility / the climbing bike = Veloped, if the dimensions = Walker.

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